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And, it's free.

We built Wally to help you manage your finance. Track your expenses and compare them to your income. Wally even lets you set goals and actually reach them.

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About us

Manage your money seamlessly.

The idea behind Wally is that our personal finances are usually a mess, and we just don’t have the right tools to manage them. Some of us use Excel, some use a paper and pen, and then there are some people that actually learned how to use a type of personal accounting software – bless them. We’re not all born gifted accountants.

We decided we wanted to tackle personal finance because it was a problem we were facing ourselves. We’re a small team, but some of us are single, some are married, and most of us actually have kids (bless them, too). What we do have in common though, is that we’re not accountants. We’re real people with a real problem.

So, we’re off on the mission to solve our problem and hopefully solve yours. Ultimately, we want to be able to give you a 360 view on your finances; what comes in, what goes out, be able to see goals and actually reach them.

As of today, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve done. Every day thousand’s of people from around the world download and experience Wally for their first time. Reading your feedback and talking to you in a humbling experience.

But, we still have a long way to go.

Yes, Wally is completely free and doesn’t have any ads. How do we make money? We don’t. The idea is to build a really good basic version that everyone can use and love.

Soon, we’ll be launching some premium type features that you could add if you want; currency conversions for travellers, or family managements features are just some of them. They’ll be rather cheap; around $0.49 - $4.99 depending on the complexity.

With that said, we’ll always be working on the awesome free version that you love.

We really hope you enjoy Wally and let us know what you think. You can learn more about the team and our follow plans and achievements. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us if we didn’t already answer your question.

Happy saving!

Our Team

We're the small team that's working on building Wally. We each have a different set of skills that when combined, you get a beautifully and intuitively designed personal finance tool.

Because we're a small team, and a start-up, we avoid using titles like CEO, CTO or VP of XYZ -- it would sound a little pretentious, don't you think? We all wear different hats and do whatever it takes to build the perfect tool for you, and to keep this company growing.

Hi! I'm Saeid,
a co-founder at Wally

At Wally, my responsibility is to primarily focus on the application – to constantly make it better for you. What does that mean, exactly? Well, the short answer is to basically make it easier for you to use, while making it smarter; less work on your behalf, more work on Wally’s.

My other responsibilities are to ultimately drive the company’s growth through more downloads (so please tell your friends!) and to increase its engagement rates. Basically, we believe that the more accurate Wally is with your information, the more useful it is.

I really believe we’re doing a great thing with Wally and hope you do too. If you have any ideas on how we can improve it please let us know.

Hey! I'm Baher,
a co-founder at Wally

At Wally, my job is to primarily guide the design and experience.

I've been told I'm a geek in every sense of the word with an obsessive attention to detail; you can probably see that after all the iterations that went into Wally. What I love most about Wally, is that we're actually solving our own problems by helping you solve yours -- kinda like getting two birds with one stone. I guess we all need a little help managing our finances.

I really enjoy reading all the positive feedback and comments you've sent us, so please never hesitate to reach out to us!

Hey! I'm Mak,
and I'm an engineer at Wally

A lover of everything in digital media, I enjoy leading Wally’s plans in design, experience and development. From concept to deployment, I enjoy bouncing ideas with the rest of the team, going over 1000’s of requests and building them through every line of code with Moh.

I also enjoy teaching Web technologies at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in Beirut.

I'm the father of an awesome little girl, a geek husband and an aspiring road bike racer.

Allo! I'm Moh,
and I'm also an engineer at Wally

I'm a mechatronics engineer and love to focus on the behind the scenes stuff at Wally; particularly the machine learning, artificial intelligence, geo-targeting, and other stuff.

My experience is pretty diverse and varying through simulation, modeling and pretty much just full-stack web and mobile development.

I love how at Wally we're tying a whole new approach at tackling an age-old problem; trying to manage our money so we can reach our goals in life.

Mabuhay! I'm Marco
and I'm a designer at Wally

I was the last one to join the team as a designer, my job is mostly to help with non-app related design; the website, creatives, mock-ups and prototypes.

I've worked with Saeid before at his first start-up and love the new team he's built. As small as it is, I'm really proud to be part of it and seeing how we're helping the world manage their finances!

Pushing boundries, testing new ideas and engaging with people through creative work is basically all I could ask for!

By the way, I don't like being the last one to join the Wally team, so why don't you check out careers page and hopefully you can take that title from me!


What is Wally?

It’s a really smart personal finance app available on the iPhone. It helps you compare your income to your expenses, while keeping track of the details; where, what, why, how much and some notes.

You can even set goals and reach them.

Is it private?

Absolutely. We have the highest level of respect, protection and security for your information. We treat your privacy as we would like ours to be treated.

What currencies are available?

All of them; from the US Dollar to the Fijian Dollar.

Can I set a password?

Yes. But make sure you don’t forget it! Because we don’t create accounts, we are unable to retrieve your passwords. If you forget it, your information is gone.

How much does it cost?

It’s free.

Are there any ads?


How do you make money?

We don’t. Not yet, at least. We’ll be adding some advanced, premium features in the future that you can get for about $0.49 - $4.99 like currency conversion for travellers or family management.

Our main focus will always be on improving the free, basic version and keeping it awesome.

Are you available on Android?

We’re not on Android yet, but will be working on it soon.

Can I save pictures of receipts?

Of course! With every expense you log in, you can take a picture of the receipt for your records.

Can I login from my computer?

We still haven’t built that feature – yet.

We want to hear from you.